AI and ML Solutions

Facial Emotional Intelligence

Introducing our revolutionary AI-based Driver Fatigue and Drowsiness Detection System, a cutting-edge solution prioritizing road safety. Real-time monitoring, employing facial recognition, eye-tracking, and biometric sensors, allows for immediate detection of driver fatigue. Behavioral analysis, facilitated by AI algorithms, scrutinizes key indicators such as eye closure duration and head movement. Customizable alerts, delivered through a driver-friendly interface, ensure timely warnings without causing distraction. 

Adaptive technology tailors the system to individual driving styles, continuously enhancing accuracy. Privacy and security are paramount, adhering strictly to data protection regulations. The two-stage network, featuring a Binary Classification Model and a Multiclass Model with an ensemble approach, combines ResNet-50 and Linear CNN components with attention modules for precise distraction detection. This system addresses critical issues such as accident prevention, regulatory compliance, and enhanced productivity, making it an invaluable tool for both individual drivers and fleet management systems.

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